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"To: A Particular First-Time Voter 3"

“To: A Particular First-Time Voter

From: A Republican Friend”

By: J. Hunter
Tomorrow is the election. You will be voting for the first time. Because we spend so much time talking about the election I have learned that you take politics seriously. To give you my perspective on how you should come to whatever decision you choose, I have written the previous 2 letters to you. This letter, the last, is my appeal for you to vote for Governor Mitt Romney for President of the United States.

The arguments for why you should vote against Barack Obama are best described and organized on a great site called “My Mustard Seeds.” (This is the link to the site's Obama Material.) I will propose why you should not vote for Mr. Obama, first, and then follow up with why you should vote for Mr. Romney.


A 19th Century German politician, Otto von Bismarck, is the source of one of the most prescient political quotes: “Politics is the art of the possible.” When Barack Obama ran for president, he made claims about what was possible—within his power to control. He promised to cut the deficit, to close the prison at Guantanamo, to lower unemployment, to restore our standing around the world and to work with Republican interests and constituents. America elected him, even though he had little executive experience and a murky legislative record.

He came to power with all the tools necessary to enact his grand vision: huge Democrat majorities, overwhelming national support and optimistic fervor. Having not even been in office a year, Mr. Obama earned a Nobel Peace Prize. During the 2008 campaign, Republicans across the country were running ads highlighting Obama’s likeness and speeches—ready and willing to work with the popular first black president. The art of the possible looked to be the art of the inevitable.

He ruined that though.

Mr. Obama failed to do what was possible because he is not the inspiring change agent he portended to be. He is, instead, a petty politician.

With no political opposition, he failed to end the Bush Tax Cuts—the same cuts that he argues are detrimental to the middle class and serve only the wealthiest Americans.

He failed to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

He failed to cut the deficit, and has instead, doubled it with a Stimulus Package that did not stimulate the economy and a health care reform that no one wanted.

Fewer Americans are working today than were working when Mr. Obama took office. Furthermore, unemployment skyrocketed in spite of his policies. Significantly more Americans are using food stamps and other government entitlements than were previously.

Worldwide, we are not more popular or more respected. The President’s first tour to Western Europe to focus on global economic policy was a wash. The Middle East detests America more than ever—as evidenced by polls in places like Egypt and Israel.

Most depressingly, Mr. Obama refused to work with Republicans. Instead, he blamed all of his failings on his Republican predecessor and on the Republican legislature that would never have existed had he met with GOP leadership to craft his signature legislation before the 2010 election. At a State of the Union address, he admonished conservatives on the Supreme Court for adjudicating differently than he would have preferred—an unprecedentedly ugly and small thing for a sitting American President to do.

In a nutshell, Mr. Obama has presided over a failed presidency—a presidency that squandered all of its goodwill and hope on the same small politics that you see today in his vitriolic campaigning.

The Republican Alternative

Say what you will about Governor Mitt Romney, the man embodies success. His life—as a father, husband, servant of God, businessman and politician is nothing short of exemplary.

He made his reputation as a turnaround artist, one who purposefully seeks broken financial ventures and turns them into profitable realities. So good, he was at this, he was sought to tackle the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. The Olympics is notoriously expensive and leaves cities saddled with debt for decades after the closing ceremonies. Romney turned the Games into a success by cutting waste. Because of his involvement, Salt Lake City is one of few locales that did not go bankrupt as a result of the Olympic Games.

As Governor of Massachusetts, Romney faced a Democrat legislature and population. Still, though, he worked with them to make the state a success—balancing the budget, cutting taxes and growing jobs.

Mr. Romney has not run a sleazy campaign in 2012, either. He was accused of killing a man’s wife, of cheating on his taxes, and of bullying a gay classmate in high school. None of these charges levied by the Obama Administration and its allies are substantiated. More importantly, though, no negative campaigning done by the Romney camp is comparable to the smears made against him. 

In other words, Mitt Romney is not only a successful example America should wish to project to the world, he is also a decent man who would lower the temperature of partisanship in Washington.

That mitigation of partisan bitterness will be central to his success if he is elected president. Liberals can rest assured that their interests will not be wholly ignored the way conservatives’ were, and both liberals and conservatives can find relief that our common aspirations will be enacted by an administration led by a man who gets results.

Since the Republican primary season, I have been impressed with Governor Romney. After a tumultuous six years, he has made me very proud to be a Republican.

I am virtually certain that if you vote for him, you will be proud of your vote. If he wins this election, you will be proud of your president.

Congratulations on your first time voting.

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